On television recently a young Canadian is making history by currently designing what will be the most accurate loudspeaker in the world. This project is the conjugation of 2 years of personal funded research. The 23 year old southern New Brunswick resident is a full time engineer and speaker designer and has devoted countless hours and dollars into the research of acoustics and sound and developed a number of new technologies. Some of the parts being utilized date from the late 1970's and were manufactured by Yamaha of Japan for their product named the NS-2000 which was sold in Canada for a brief time. The moving parts of these speakers use Beryllium, a precious metal worth more than gold that has an acoustic propagation speed faster than any other material on earth, including pure diamond.

"There are numerous problems associated with even [the most expensive] loudspeakers on the market. These problems include phase, impulse and energy storage [and this is what] I'm correcting with these speakers. The phase linearity that will match integrated circuits". the designer says. "Upon listening to this speaker people and designers will really begin to take a second ruling of what they thought they knew or understood [of loudspeaker design]... At times even I have a hard time comprehending that I'm doing what a multi-million dollar company with a team of physicists in Europe couldn't. The people in Japan who made these Beryllium drivers did a fantastic job and I don't think there are better transducers I could otherwise choose to work with".

He says at this time he does not plan to sell this speaker system but there may be a second one produced at a later date for sale. "...not everyone will accept speakers of this accuracy right away. Distortion in speakers can make them sound good for a short time...but as indicated by the measurements the only distortion audible with my speakers will be coming from the amplifiers or the recordings. The harmonics are over four times lower than that of the amplifiers plugged into these power conditioners ".

Though there is no problem with anyone coming to view his speakers no pictures were allowed to be taken at the current time as he doesn't want manufacturers copying his work. "The audio business is a serious one in which people will do anything to make the sale including doctoring specifications, I've even seen businesses outright copy [another companies] design and market it and this already happened to one of my designs in 2008".

It all started in 2005 while building custom speakers for clients that it was realized realized even the highest rated loudspeakers on and off the market needed much improvement. Some of the speakers he has upgraded have a retail price more than a car, such as the Magico Mini and Bowers & Wilkins 801 Diamond. He bases his work on measured data and applicable physics and doesn't publicly advertise his work very often but is well known in eastern Canada. He likes to stay anonymous but says he doesn't mind allowing manufacturers to publicly test and measure his speakers, and plans to attend the Montreal Audio Show and CES in 2010-2011 for demonstrations.

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